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Seasonings in the Abyss (Taco)


Originally conceived for our pop-up tacqueira 'Los Picantes' our taco seasoning has been at the heart of our Mexican inspired dishes

For over 5 years, we have been perfecting our ingredients and we feel that now is the time for you to taste them, and to make your own meals at home.

This rub works well across all fillings, including chicken, pork, steak, vegetables, and seafood. You can also add it into flour to create a delicious Baja style batter. Combine it with our chipotle sauce, chipotle BBQ, Naga & mango chilli sauce, or Trinidad Scorpion BBQ sauce to complete.

• Gluten Free
• No E Numbers
• No MSG

Ingredients (Allergens including milk, celery, are not included in our ingredients but may be present in our preparation area)

Cumin, Black Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Paprika, Chipotle Chillies, Onion, garlic, red pepper, oregano

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